IPL hair removal melbourne, Intense pulse light, best hair removal

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

IPL, Intense Pulse Light is one of the most effective and non evasive treatment for permanent hair reduction.

It works by using an Intense Pulse Light,to effectively damage the hair follicles and prevent re-growth.

Like Laser IPL uses light energy which is absorbed by the pigment in your follicle and converted into heat, the heat then loosens the hair and disables the cells responsible for hair growth.

The major difference between the two is that IPL uses a broad spectrum of light, thus enabling a more comfortable treatment and suitable for most skin types

IPL hair removal melbourne, Intense pulse light, best hair removal

IPL Hair Removal Questions

Our machine is operated by qualified technician’s only who take all precautions necessary to ensure client comfort throughout the treatment. Most clients experience a mild heat sensation, which can last for a few hours after treatment. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, If you find IPL uncomfortable you can use a numbing cream prior to treatment. (emla 5% cream). The feeling can be compared to a “rubber band flick”.

All skin types.

IPL is attracted to pigment within the follicle therefore the darker your hair and lighter your skin the more effective the treatment is. IPL will not work on blonde or white hairs

As IPL is attracted to pigment it cannot distinguish between melanin in the skin and pigment in your hair follicle. We recommend you avoid tanning the area throughout your treatment to achieve best results.

*If this is unavoidable your therapist will discuss other methods such as SHR treatments.

A consultation is the first step.

Before starting any treatments you will need a consultation,we explain treatment protocols to expectations of results. A test patch will be performed. This process may take up to 20-30 minutes and is costs $20 which is deducted from your first treatment.

We do not and will not treat any clients without a consultation first.

Any excess hair can be shaved between treatments. You should not however, remove hair by waxing, tweezing, epilady or any similar methods, which remove hair from the follicle completely

Still undecided?

Not sure IPL is for you, then book a consultation, we will explain how it all works and test patch the area. Call 0394213022 or book online for a consultation.