How to Use Less Make-Up in Summer

When you want to look your best in the summer, you do not have to wear so much make up. You can make a change to your summer style by not wearing as much makeup, and you will have a natural look that everyone will want. The steps below will show you the way to a natural that is even sexier than anything you can do with all your makeup.

Nude Lips

The nude lips that you wear in the summer are perfect to offset all the colour that you wearing. Women wear colourful clothing, dresses, bikinis and accessories. The nude lip is offset by these things, and people are drawn to those pouty lips immediately. This means that the woman can bring attention to her face when she is wearing sexy bikinis or tight dresses.


Women can wear less foundation and more sunscreen. A woman can forgo foundation altogether to make sure that they are wearing a natural look. Also, they will need to make sure that they do not wear any blush. When a woman is wearing sunscreen every day, she is going to have a lovely glow about her from the sunscreen. This is a nice way to take care of her skin, and it is also a good way to look shiny at the same time.


Women who are trying to get ready for the day need to consider how they are going to wear their eyes during the day. It is hard to wear eye shadow in the summer, but it is wise to wear eye liner. A woman can make a big impression with some eyeliner, and she can make her look perfect without doing too much. She could draw on her eyebrows, and she will have a complete look with just those few items.

When a woman wants to have a natural look, she needs to be sure that she is wearing all natural products that include nude lips, eyeliner, and sunscreen. This natural is sexy when a woman is wearing her colourful bikinis and dresses, and she does not have to do much work to look perfect.